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Miramichi Striper Cup 2017 Miramichi Striper Cup, May 26-28

Team Results - Top 10

TeamDay 1Day 2Total Weight
1One Last Cast33.58036.4670.040
2Team Basque FlyRods28.04023.7451.780
3Team 17525.86023.9849.840
4Twisted lines25.16020.2845.440
5Captain Morgan24.78015.4840.260
6SMITH Optics fishing team24.66019.9444.600
7Hio fishing team24.16016.6240.780
8Doiron Outfitters24.04015.6839.720
9On the Hook Portneuf21.98019.4641.440
10Cast Away21.88020.6842.560
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Individual Results - Top 10

1Keith Henderson 90.000view photo
2Cyril Poirier85.000view photo
3Dale Gulliver84.000view photo
4Jeff Leroux-Lauziere83.820view photo
5Mark Kelly 83.000view photo
6Korey Sargent82.000view photo
7Jeff Gouchie82.000view photo
8Antoine Boivin-Paquet82.000view photo
9Marc Antoine Martineau82.000view photo
10Todd Fernandez81.000view photo

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Youth Results - Top 10

1Jaden Peterson88.000view photo
2Lainey Hallihan88.000view photo
3Hallie godin 79.500view photo
4Cody78.000view photo
5Jasper Firlotte76.200view photo
6Austin Crosse75.000view photo
7Will Clark68.600view photo
8Kayla mullin68.000view photo
9Ryan Dunn67.000view photo
10Kennedie Hainer66.000view photo

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Family Results - Top 10

1Ben Black82.550view photo
2Justin Keough81.000view photo
3Allan Young79.200view photo
4Rheal guimond79.100view photo
5Darcy Ashton78.000view photo
6David Landry77.470view photo
7Frankie Wilt72.000view photo
8Alex Henderson72.000view photo
9Eddy Richard69.850view photo
10Pablo Carvajal64.000view photo
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