City Wins Award for Tournament

The Economic Developers Association of Canada is this country’s national association of economic development professionals representing every province and territory across Canada with over 1000 members.

The Association recognizes that marketing a community is an integral part of the economic development profession and annually produces the Marketing Canada Awards competition. This award completion is open to those organizations that undertake to promote Canadian provinces, territories, regions, cities, towns and areas.

During its 48th Annual Conference in Saskatoon, SK, the Economic Developers Association of Canada judged the City of Miramichi’s submission for the Miramichi Striper Cup as the best event marketing submission from across Canada in the Other Promotion-Events category. In this category, The Miramichi Striper Cup’s marketing efforts were judged against 15 other promotional and economic development events that included the Think Canada Global Business Summit in Ontario; The British Columbia Seafood Expo; and the Hamilton/Niagara Investment Partnership.

Sports Destination Management, the leading publication with the largest circulation of sports event planners and tournament directors in the sports tourism market, has announced that the Miramichi Striper Cup is a 2016 Champion of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism in the category of Innovation in Sports Tourism. SDM provides in-depth coverage of sports event planning and execution through incisive and relevant, real-world case studies showcasing best practices and successful event production. The 2016 winners, , from across the United States and Canada, which in addition to the Miramichi Striper Cup included the world renown 2016 Forest Wood Cup Bass Fishing Tournament, are responsible for contributing over $800 million to the economy over the past year. The Miramichi Striper Cup carries the distinction of being the only event awarded this recognition in Canada.

These two awards individually mark a significant achievement for the City of Miramichi but together prove the effectiveness of strategic investment in event tourism and the value of measuring the return of such an investment.

The Miramichi Striper Cup would not have achieved such success without the support of council and the endless hours of work contributed by municipal departments and the community at large. Led by the Department of Economic Development & Tourism, many departments of the City of Miramichi contributed to the event; Public Works, Recreation and Wellness, Police & Fire Departments, Finance Department – all contributed man-hours to make this project a success.

Our community partners such as the Miramichi Ground Search and Rescue, The Miramichi Kinsmen, The MYPIE organization, provided volunteer hours to assist in the execution of the event. The many sponsors who provided prizes, cash assistance and in-kind support for the event, in particular Bass Pro Shops, Miramichi Marine, Shimano, Mercury, Princecraft Boats, Sunny Corner Enterprises and JATC NB to name a few.

In particular we want to note the creative contribution of Andrea Breau of Dream Design who developed the visuals and all of the marketing collateral, including the distinctive Miramichi Striper Cup logo. Her contribution to this event was a major contributor in the EDAC marketing award.

The Miramichi Striper Cup is sponsored by the City of Miramichi and presented by The City of Miramichi and Jeff Wilson. The value of the City’s partnership with Mr. Jeff Wilson is inestimable not only because of his vast knowledge and expertise in competitive bass fishing but also in the enthusiasm, energy and professionalism that he brings to the presentation of the event.

Thanks to the success of the 2015 & 2016 events, the Miramichi Striper Cup is now a recognizable brand in the sports fishing market of Eastern Canada and 2017 will see more growth and the continued success of the event.