Big Fish. Big Prizes

Grand Prize Announced

Miramichi Marine, Princecraft and Mercury are sponsoring the Grand Prize, which will be drawn during the awards ceremony of the striped bass fishing tournament. This year’s Grand Prize is a 2016 Princecraft Resorter DLX SC powered by a 40 hp Mercury outboard motor. All paid participants of the 2016 Miramichi Striper Cup will be eligible to participate in the draw for the Grand Prize.

Fish'N Canada Says Fishing Stripers in Miramichi Is So Much Fun It's Crazy
Want to know what Canada’s top fishing program says about Miramichi striper fishing: “It’s so good, it’s crazy!”

Pete Bowman is one of the hosts of the television show “Fish’n Canada” that has been on the air for thirty years, with nationwide coverage on the Global Network. “We are Ontario based, but we do our share of travelling, and cover amazing fishing spots like Miramichi,” Bowman told MO))) on Sunday night at the end of the closing ceremonies of the inaugural Miramichi Striper Cup.

Fish’n Canada was in town all last week fishing and filming for an upcoming episode about the striped bass fishery in Miramichi.

“We won’t just promote the bass tournament, but the striper fishing in the area in general,” explained Bowman, when asked about the theme of the upcoming episode. “We have done shows on striper fishing before, we been making shows for 30 years, but we have never experienced anything like this in our lives before.”

So what makes the Miramichi experience so different? “Sheer numbers, and visually watching the fish in the river. You see ten thousand fish a day here in the river, and it just blows your mind,” Bowman said. Bowman says that their show reached 200,000 people at any given minute. “That many people will this episode, and it will make a lot of impressions.”

“I have to bring my kids out here fishing someday. It’s crazy, it’s that good.”

The episode will depict the east coast flavour, and of course lots of fishing and striper cup. “This will also be the first episode where we used our drone camera, and that will really spice it up,” said Bowman. The drone could be seen over the river at Ritchie Wharf when the horn went off on Saturday morning, filming the exciting race of the boats up river.

More about the program can be seen here:

There will be four airings of this episode beginning in the late fall of 2015